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We save time

  • No technical knowledge required
  • Fully configured processes
  • All necessary tools

We give a plan

  • Successful examples of turnkey products
  • Go-to-market customer acquisition strategy
  • Partners collaboration scenarios

Ready-made Solutions

All set to start innovative web3 business. See products already launched with BENFT

NFT-based Premium & Luxury Car Renting

  • NFTs are issued entitling to rent a car for one or more days
  • NFT holders manage their inventory and bookings in their personal account
  • The assets are highly liquid: can be split up into rental days or transferred to the secondary market
  • You earn money on every transaction
  • All interaction with the vehicles is entirely handled by the rental company
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Customer and Employee Loyalty Management System

  • Intangible assets (such as long-term car rental, resort property rentals, gym memberships etc.) are tokenized on our platform in the form of NFTs.
  • Assets are easily transferred to employees or customers of the company – if certain conditions are met (gamification mechanics, take a survey and other tools available on the platform) or as a gift.
  • We provide guidance on finding and working with local partners interested in providing intangible assets to companies.
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Learn more about BENFT and our mission to give entrepreneurs easy tools to launch innovative web3 businesses

What is BENFT?
BENFT is a platform with ready-made turnkey solutions for quickly launching digital businesses based on NFT mechanics. The product is aimed at individual entrepreneurs looking for innovative start-up niches and all of our turnkey solutions focus on delivering services in the real world.
What is ready-made turnkey business?
A turnkey business is a business that is fully functional and ready to open its doors from the moment it’s purchased by the new owner. The business model has been confirmed, a market entry and customer acquisition strategy has been described and all the necessary technological tools have been prepared.
What does a turnkey business template in BENFT include?
Buyers of our ready-made templates receive a business management platform deployed on your domain, as well as all the associated information materials (such business model calculator, go-to-market strategy, partner interaction scenarios) on how to manage this business model and launch the product in your location.
What is the BENFT technology platform?
Depends on the specific product, but in all cases it is:
- Business Control Panel for managing NFT assets, minting and sales as well as your public website settings;
- A public website where you can make direct sales;
- Integration module with popular marketplaces;
- Personal accounts of your end customers where they manage their inventory.
What site management options will they give me?
A choice of several ready-made design templates, text and graphic content management, SEO/SEM optimisation settings, as well as showcasing your NFTs.
Can I design and modify business processes within the template provided?
Not directly, but you can contact us. We, in turn, are interested in developing our product and increasing the variations number of confirmed business models and are ready to cooperate.
What blockchain technology is used in BENFT?
We work with Polygon blockchain and the NFT ERC-1155 standard.
How is the NFT minting process structured?
First you build an NFT collection within a framework with the necessary attributes within your BENFT business control panel and check the result. Then you can upload the collection to one of several marketplaces or directly to your website in a few clicks.
How much does it cost?
Turnkey business template is purchased once, then you can choose one of the subscription plans. Contact us for terms and conditions.
When will BENFT launch?
We plan to launch our first templates in Q4 2022.